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Previous releases:

2014-09-30 Stockwaves In The WestC-PYouTube
2014-09-13 Stockwaves Ambient TechnologyC-PYouTube
2014-07-11 Stockwaves A Little Like YouC-PYouTube
2014-03-10 Stockwaves TechnologyC-PYouTube
2014-02-07 Stockwaves WhistlingC-PYouTube
2013-09-30 Stockwaves SundayC-PYouTube
2013-01-31 High Rollers, Keylas Coming With YouCW-VP925 MusiciTunesSpotifyYouTube
2013-01-30 Alexander Vasiliou The Magic Is YouCW-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2012-12-20 Marielin AlexandraVPGaya RecordingiTunesSpotifyYouTube
2012-09-25 U.D. & Jowin, Keylas Give You The WorldCW-VPEar Time RecordsiTunesSpotifyYouTube
2012-09-07 Gregg Morrish, Keylas H.O.T. (Hold On Tight)CW-VPContinuous CooliTunesSpotify
2012-09-07 Gregg Morrish, Keylas WildCW-VPContinuous CooliTunesSpotify
2012-02-23 High Rollers, Keylas Now Or NeverCW-VP925 MusiciTunesSpotifyYouTube
2012-02-14 Keylas Do It!C-A-PEar Time RecordsiTunesSpotifyYouTube
2011-12-19 Marielin Deck The HallsP-VPLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2011-11-18 Gregg Morrish, Keylas Bigger Than UsCW-VPContinuous CooliTunesSpotifyYouTube
2011-09-16 Gregg Morrish, Keylas RememberCW-VPContinuous CooliTunesSpotifyYouTube
2011-08-13 Marie Lindstein Ljuset I Mitt LivC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotify
2011-08-13 Marie Lindstein Hela DigC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotify
2011-08-13 Marie Lindstein I Din FamnC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotify
2010-11-30 Gregg Morrish, Keylas Stupid YouCW-VPContinuous CooliTunesSpotifyYouTube
2010-07-15 Keylas Love ThingC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2010-07-15 Keylas NoiseC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2010-04-30 Keylas Let Me InC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2010-04-30 Keylas Off My MindCW-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2010-04-30 Keylas All I SeeC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2010-04-30 Keylas Bye ByeC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2010-03-15 Keylas Feel the HeatC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2010-01-15 Keylas Eyes On YouC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
2009-10-16 Keylas The Best Of MeC-A-PLindsteiniTunesSpotifyYouTube
• UNRELEASED Keylas Crying In My DreamsC-A-PYouTube
• UNRELEASED Keylas For The WinC-A-P
C = Composer | A = Author | CW = Cowrite | CP = Coproduction | VP = Voice Production | RX = Remix